Social Security Justice offers affordable legal services utilizing a holistic approach. Holistic law examines your whole life. Working through the legal system can be a challenging process, so we guide you through considering the conditions that allowed the legal issue to arise, help you see how it is impacting your whole life now, and explore ways of resolving it that are the healthiest for your body, mind, and spirit.

Our attorneys specialize in Social Security and Disability and we have an exceptional HIV/AIDS Project. Social Security Justice donates 10% of all earnings to charitable causes. We are steadfastly committed to giving back to our community.

You’ll find the highest standard of integrity and professionalism at Social Security Justice. Expense fees (records copying expenses, mileage, postage) are waived for indigent and low income clients. We offer personalized service to everyone. Each client is assigned a case advocate to assist with needs throughout through the legal process, in addition to an attorney who will focus on quality representation.

One important factor when hiring a Social Security attorney is whether or not they appeal and how far they will appeal your case. It is the policy of many attorneys not to appeal your case past the first hearing with the Administrative Law Judge. When hiring an attorney, it is important to know their appeal policy. At Social Security Justice, we evaluate every case to determine whether an appeal will be successful. Social Security Justice has had many successful cases go all the way to U.S. Federal District Court.

National HIV/AIDS Disability Project

Social Security Justice understands the distinct struggles people living with HIV/AIDS have while waiting for Social Security benefits. All Social Security law firms offer legal services to those living with HIV/AIDS … However, few offer advocacy for those living with HIV/AIDS. Our National HIV/AIDS Disability Project offers a holistic approach for our clients. Often those living with HIV/AIDS lose access to physician care, medication and even housing while waiting for Social Security benefits. We can help. Find more information here.

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